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I guess you could call me a self help junkie. I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and my life. It’s not a bad thing, but with so much stuff out there, it can get expensive finding the good stuff.

That is exactly why I created this site. I want to help you navigate through the ocean of self help and self improvement products and websites so that you can spend your money on the programs that actually work.

But I also will show you tips, tricks and sites that offer FREE self help information and there are a lot of them.

Self Improvement Mind

Whether you are looking for a way to improve your self image, meditate like a zen monk, loose the extra pounds or just become a healthier and happier individual, I’m going to shine a light to help guide your way.

My main objective is to give you true and accurate reviews of the many self help programs available to help you become the most amazing person that you were meant to be.

I know that you are going to be amazed at all the different technologies that exist out here in cyberspace.

Discover programs using technology like:

  •  Brainwave Entrainment -By using specially formulated sound these products actually change your dominant brainwave patterns and thus will change your current state of mind. These audios will blow your mind, go to the Brainwave Library and get two FREE full length brainwave sessions!
  •  Hypnosis – This has been around for a while, but there are new programs that couple Brainwave Entrainment along with hypnosis for powerful results.
  •  NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming is similar to hypnosis, but focuses on the dynamics of how language affects the mind and body.
  •  Meditation – Focusing the mind to a point where there is “no mind”, to a point where you are disconnected from current reality is one way to describe meditation. It is scientifically proven to be beneficial to the mind and body. Powerful stuff.
  • Subliminal Audios –  Subliminal audios are a great way to gain access to and reprogram the subconscious mind.  I have created my own set of subliminal audios with a special twist!  Check them out at Subliminal-Library.com

You will also find reviews of websites that will challenge your mind and offer you much food for thought. There is an amazing array of vastly useful information and tools available to everyone today. I’m going to show you where to find them and how to use them. Many of these sites are also available at no cost to you!

Self Help Discoveries.com is also a repository of top notch information in its own right! You will find an every growing assortment of articles to help you get started meditating, loosing weight and healing right here.

I’ve spent the last decade building my knowledge of the self help arena and have found some awesome products and some not so awesome products. But today, I hope to be able to help steer you towards programs that through my experience have been spiritually uplifting, emotionally healing or physically transforming!

Are you ready for a change in your life? Now is the time to discover your true potential and take the action that will determine your destiny for the rest of your life!

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